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About Purple Affirmations Apparel

 Purple Affirmations Apparel is an online boutique that offers apparel for the family, stationary, décor & more! PAA is a brand that elevates with words of affirmation in unique designs. Daily affirmations are an important part of life's journey. It is important to remember to speak life into yourself. At Purple Affirmations Apparel, it is our mission to use uplifting declarations, expressions & words in designs that elevate you and reflect love. Our affirming products will provide you with a self-inspiring & self-motivating experience. You will feel even more self-confident & your energy will vibrate higher as you rock them! As our tagline says, you must: BELIEVE IT. KNOW IT. AFFIRM YOURSELF.

As Purple Affirmations Apparel expresses love through words & unique designs, we pour this love into affirmations for you to wear, carry, or decorate with - so you can boldly live in your truth! When you affirm yourself through uplifting words you must first believe what you are telling yourself, then know it to be fact, without any doubt. Do this often and watch how your life changes!  



Meet the Owner/Creator/Designer

Purple Affirmations Apparel is founded by Sharon. PAA is a brand that represents love and compassion through uplifting words and affirmations. Words of affirmation is one of my most important love languages. I surround myself with inspiring declarations in every day life - through my home décor, my morning meditations, how I speak to myself, how I motivate others, what I expect to hear from others, etc. Purple Affirmations Apparel is the way that I speak to others that also share words of affirmation as their love language.  It gives me pleasure to be able to pour love into others with my brand.